About us briefly…

Generations of Craftsmanship

Here at Copesetic, believe in miracles… and regularly create small miracles for our customers. Whether its your version 1 or version 50, we take pride in everything we build. We are a nimble shop that is high touch with all of our customers, from the large corporation, design consulting offices or start-ups. As a Copesetic client you will work directly with our founders, each of whom carries 30+ years of design experience. We take the kinks out of protyping, so that you can focus on what’s really important.

Meet The founders

Partners Eric Beyer and Tony Lee met in while working for GE’s Consumer Electric Business Operation. Tony was a model maker (developing engineering prototypes and industrial design models) and Eric was an industrial designer. Eric left GE to be design director at Playskool, then spent some time at Roadmaster Inc. before starting his own design consulting business in 1990. In 1992, Eric contacted Tony to see what he thought of starting a model shop together. One month later, they were cleaning out Tony’s garage to set up shop. The business was a huge success! Turns out, companies were desperate for a fast, efficient, place to outsource their prototyping needs. Copesetic Inc. was born.


Whether it was an intricate child-resistant packaging for protocol testing or a full-scale mock-up of industrial equipment for leadership presentations, for over 25 years COPESETIC has been my go-to partner for the fabrication of fully functional prototypes and finished appearance models. Experts in their field, this team has gone the famous extra mile many times to make my creative work shine earning my trust, loyalty and respect.
— Klaus R., President, SONIC Design Solutions, Inc.



Copesetic parts have been tested in the heat of the Saudi Desert on the top of vehicles, in the cold of a kitchen freezer at home, on preschoolers in swimming pools, or rockin’ to some very popular video games and much more. Our mission is to ensure our customers always meet their goals, continuing to provide each customer the very best in prototyping services, today, tomorrow, and in the distant future. 


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